Welcome all to my blog/site that I have set up recently. After many years of punting, I have decided to give my advice free to the world, in order for all of us to bash the bookies together. I hope that we will together make money, and I am expecting feedback if you think otherwise.

A bit about myself, I am 28 years old. Have a lot of passionate interest in sports, and following Manchester United ever since they scored 2 injury time winners against Bayern Munich in the 1999 UEFA Champions League final.

I stake my picks in points on the site, and the average amount I personally spend is 5$ per point; but you can play as you feel, but I advise to stick to a single stake system for all my tips.

You can always follow me on twitter, through my twitter handle @rahulm3

14 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Rahul,

    Followed the link on twitter to your blog. Very interesting. Wanted to discuss what you do in more depth. Talk to you soon.

  2. hi Rahul, always appreciate people like yourself that share there knowledge. thanks you for you time and effort here with this Blog, I will follow you for a time, good luck to us🙂

  3. Sankar said:

    Hey do you risk the points you post or do you play to win the points you post? How I play is anything above 2.0 i risk “X” points and when its below 2.0, i risk to win “X” points. wondering how you play bud. Cheers.

    • Yes, I do risk every point that I post. The points are like a confidence level from 1 to 3 is the average picks; unless I am really confident, then I give it 4 or 5 points on that pick.

  4. Actually i cannot understand your point style. Every year you made loads of profit but with how many points did you start each year to bet?

    • The first year was a bit higher, around 5-8 points; 2nd year onwards its been around 2 to 5 points, like I am following now.

      • You started a year with 2 to 5 points and you end up with 400+ points at the end of the year? You mean you make at least 80 times profit every year?? I guess you misunderstood me, i mean at the beginning of each year with how many points (money) did you started to bet? Like 100 or 200 if you started with 100 points of cash that means you made 4 times profit (in year 2012 402 points you won) in a year which is also very succesful rate of winning.

      • The easier is to take my total amount of picks multiply by 2.7 points average and the number you get will be total staked

        You then take profit and divide that over total stakes to see return on investment.

  5. Hi Rahul,

    I’ve spoken to you a few times via BetShoot (I’m Shibby). Could you follow me back on Twitter or email me as I’d like to discuss something with you🙂


  6. nagendra said:

    I want to work with u let me know some more details on my email id


    payments i can do if u need….but need reply from u

  7. reymon reynold said:

    helo this my first time to just starting beting I have never bet but I want to try with you tips so plz I hope to get more as win from you tips

  8. Prince Odoh said:

    Thanks Rahul, for this nice work here.
    Please am new into betting and would love if I’ll be getting your tips by email
    my email ID: talk2odoh@gmail.com
    Thank you Rahul.

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