I have always said and will continue to say that I will not charge for any of my tips, and they will continue to remain FREE.  A lot of time that is spent researching picks, helping you, myself and thousands of people to bash the bookies together. The only thing that I ask is if you would make money from the picks that are provided through this site, to help support by donating through the PAYPAL DONATION LINK.


7 thoughts on “Donate”

  1. richard said:

    thanks for the job you are doing

  2. majortiger84 said:

    I saw your page and Tips a few days ago the first time and must say realy realy great job,Todays tips,Lewandowski score and Northireland again right.Your stats are everytime in +.
    Hope your tips will stay so good and in the next weeks i will donate you some money few times.every 3-4 weeks sure.I konw a lot of bettingtipssites but this is with great distance the best site.Sorry but my english is not the best
    Thx and go on,

  3. Hello thanks for your kindness sharing all the picks and parlays, I’ve make some money this year with you. I dont have anything in paypal but mostly skrill if you take that let me know.

  4. Lionel L said:

    Found your blog. Its really nice on betting tips. I appreciate your article. Its important to get quality betting tips to earn money. So thanks for sharing all that important information.

  5. stellaooegbu said:

    u are wonderul

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